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Chapter 1 My leadership team seeks to use God's word to shine light into darkness.
My advisers help me apply God's law to confront pride, greed and other deadly sins.
My managers learn how people in covenant community identify resources, pursue a mission, respect authority, uphold ethical precepts, encourage blessings, and extend the Kingdom.
My company encourages managers to develop leadership skills, following Biblical patterns, in family, church, and/or government roles.
My key advisers seek wisdom through God's word and prayer in church communities that administer sacraments to maintain peace and purity.
Chapter 2 I choose prayer partners who are spiritually-mature and wise advisers.
My prayer partners help me see and leverage my God-given non-financial resources, starting with God's calling on my life and work.
My prayer partners guide me in developing a personal SWOT and Spirit-led plan.
My plans are tested against Scripture to confirm that they are in line with God's plans for developing resources.
I am committed to being a servant leader who enhances the well-being of all key stakeholders.
Chapter 3 My mission and vision are articulated in written statements and embedded in strategy, leadership practices and company culture.
My prayer partners help me see and leverage my God-given non-financial resources, starting with God's calling on my life and work.
My leadership team and key stakeholders are aligned around a shared corporate vision and mission.
My vision and core values are articulated in written statements and embedded in strategy, leadership practices and company culture. (Deuteronomy 6:4–9)
My mission and vision are a revelation from God and reveal His Character and Word.
Chapter 4 My company's statement of core values is based on proven principles of the founders and timeless spiritual truths.
My leadership team fosters trust by demonstrating character and competence.
My leadership team makes decisions and behaves consistently with our core values.
My leadership team aligns our corporate culture with our core values.
My leadership team members hold one another accountable and enforce accountability throughout the whole organization. .
Chapter 5 My board members affirm our core values and maintain accountability to a church which embraces the historical and literal interpretation of scripture.
My board members affirm a statement of faith, mission statement, and core values based on scripture
My board members govern with one voice based on a shared understanding of God’s revelation, purposes, and authority structures.
My board has third party audits and annual reviews of board members to ensure accountability to core values.
My board confronts and terminates board members or executives who disregard the mission, core values and statement of faith.
Chapter 6 My business has clear roles for each member of the C-Suite.
My business has clear goals for each member of the C-Suite.
My business has clear workflows so that all projects are completed by the right person by the right date, with details in documents that are properly named, organized, and easily accessed.
My business has complete cash flow statements so that managers can confirm activities are profitable.
My business managers and compliance consultants have clear controls to verify that work is done properly.
Chapter 7 My company has a clear understanding of the spiritual authority process
The managers in my company listen to employees while showing principled concern for all
My company trains groups of employees to reflect timeless character principles
My company identifies and mentors existing and new leaders
My company provides opportunity to disciple employees one-on-one
Chapter 8 My calendar shows that I have set aside regular time for activities that glorify God.
My resume shows that I am using my talents to pursue my calling and steward resources for God's glory.
My checkbook registers show that I am spending money to build God-glorifying businesses, families, and churches
My employee and client satisfaction surveys show that I am fulfilling commitments and maintaining trust.
My pastor and/or spiritual advisory board would agree that I am guarding against idols that undermine stewardship
Chapter 9 My company gives opportunities to people to influence decisions that affect them
My company helps each staff member discover, develop, and use his/her natural gifts on the job
My company provides training to help all staff members develop their competence and character
My company has e-mail policies in place to help ensure positive communications with staff members, vendors, and clients .
My company respects and honors employees with time off and encourages family time and celebration of religious holidays
Chapter 10 My business hires compliance consultants and/or maintains compliance procedures to help confirm that we follow all government regulations, even when we disagree with them.
My company helps executives provide for their families by funding trusts outside of the taxable estates.
My business managers count costs through a carefully budgeting process before undertaking new projects (Luke 14:28-30)
My strategic planning process does not presume upon tomorrow but instead develops realistic projections and contingency plans (James 4:13-15)
My strategic planning process involves wise counselors who can help me assess risks and respond appropriately (Proverbs 15:22)
Chapter 11 My personal desire for money or assets (greed?) is not be undermining my relationships at work.
My company rewards staff members when customers share stories of their excellent service
My personal need for control or stature (pride?) is not undermining my relationships at work.
My conflicts about my personal desires do not manifest as anger (James 4:1,.2; Proverbs 11:23) that undermines relationships
My relationships have not been damaged by unwholesome talk (Ephesians 4:29) in cases where I failed to forgive as Christ forgave me (4:32).
Chapter 12 My power to make wealth is given to me by God so that He may confirm His covenant (Deuteronomy 8:18)
My desire for wealth is focused on being rich in good works, being generous and ready to share, storing up for treasure of a good foundation for the future (1 Timothy 6:17-19)
My wealth is managed actively in keeping with the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30)
My success in managing wealth is monitored closely so that I know the details about all of my assets (Proverbs 27:23-27)
My wealth is shared equitably with those who help contribute to the accumulation of the wealth (1 Corinthians 9:9)
Chapter 13 My company serves the "whole" person including the financial, health, family and spiritual needs of the staff.
My company sees and treats all staff as created in God's image and deserving respect.
My company empowers staff by giving them an inspiring purpose, clarifying their role, giving them authority, and listening to their voice.
My company equips staff by developing servant leaders and building their competence.
My leadership team rewards staff who are high performers, team players, and committed to our core values.
Chapter 14 My company relentlessly focuses on creating a positive customer experience
Everyone in my organization maintains the highest standards of quality and service
All work processes are designed to make it easy for our customer to do business with us
We set the standard for the best customer service in our industry
We build win-win relationships with our customers
Chapter 15 My company encourages it's leaders to provide leadership in charitable organizations
The leadership team in my organization has the freedom to start new ventures, including charitable organizations, when such initiatives are consistent with the corporate vision and values
My company seeks to expand it's influence through charitable activities in the community
My company encourages staff involvement in philanthropic activities
My company is sensitive to how it can help staff members balance work with family and religious community commitments
Chapter 16 My faith in God is vibrant and I plan to nurture my spiritual relationships actively throughout the rest of my life
My commitment to learning helps me be like the sensible man who considers all his steps (Proverbs 14:15)
My closest friend would say that my Christian practices and beliefs help me regularly experience the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22)
My spiritual insights are entrusted to reliable men and women (2 Timothy 2:2) who help me build a productive team.
My business practices can and should be passed from generation to generation (Joel 1:3)
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